Brinjal-Egg Plant KGP

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Brinjal-Egg Plant KGP

Brinjal-Egg Plant Kichen Garden Packet :

Brinjal requires long warm growing season and harmed by long spell of chilling cold and plants are killed by frost.

Once the seeds are sown and the seedling is 20-25 days (10-12cms) old, they should be transplanted into the field at a distance of 50-60 cms between plants as well as rows. The seedlings should be hardened by withholding watering for 4 to 6 days before transplanting.

Brinjal can be grown in pots too. Prepare the seedling in small poly bags or cane baskets and transplant in to 9-12” pot  after 20-25 days. You can sow directly into pots too if space is a problem. Sow the seeds and keep in semi-shade till germination, gradually expose to sun over a period of one week and then always keep in sunlight. Once the required to keep the plant upright and bear the weight of the fruits.

The fruit are harvested after 80-85 days of sowing and continue well up to another three month thereafter. Brinjals are harvested and used in immature condition. It should be allowed to attain a good size and color. It surface should not lose its bright and glossy appearance. When the fruit look dull it is as indication of over maturity and loss of quality. The fruits should be cut with scissors and a short piece of the stem is left attached the fruits

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