Cabbage Chinese KGP

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Cabbage Chinese KGP

Cabbage Chinese Kichen Garden Packet :

It is close relation of cabbage but is a different species.  Generally the plants are smaller then ordinary cabbages. They are more upright, loose heads and the leaves have a texture like lettuce but with mustard like flavor.

Rich, moist soils are very desirable for this crop. It is susceptible to climate changes like cabbages. If weather is hot it quickly forms flowering stalks after which the heads are not fit for consumption. The seeds can be sown directly or transplanted at a distance of 30 cms between rows as well as plants.

They are grown in ground and not recommended for pots. They should be harvested in about 60-70 days when the heads are fairly firm. The outer leaves are removed to display the blanched center for market or some are left some are left on if it is to be stored and consumed.

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