Cabbage KGP

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Cabbage KGP

Cabbage Kichen Garden Packets :

It is a cool season crop. The variety in this packet is an early variety. The seedlings can be grown directly too but it is advisable to transplant the same to ensure better potential and survival. Once the seeds are sown and the seedlings are 3-4 weeks old then they should be transplanted at a distance of 60 cms between rows. Prior to transplanting watering is withheld for about 4-6 days. Transplanting of seedlings should be done in late afternoon or evening for better establishment. Cabbages are not recommended to be grown in pots. They grow much better in the ground.

When the head is forming and enlarging, the optimum soil moisture should be maintained by frequent and light irrigations. The common problem that occurs in cabbage is splitting or head bursting and the head goes into seeding. This is called as blotting. The reasons are;

  1. Seedlings are raised early in the season i.e. There is a possibility of hot weather.
  2. Extreme changes in temperature, few warm days during cold periods and.
  3. Poor growth initially of seedlings itself.

Cabbage heads are ready for harvesting within 60-70 days of sowing. They are harvested when firm and developed to an average size. The harvesting is done either by uprooting the whole plant along with root system or cutting the heads leaving stump in the field.


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