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Carrot KGP

Carrot Kichen Garden Packet :

Carrot is a cool season crop but very low temperature is detrimental to its growth.

Carrot thrives best on deep, friable loamy soils. This is necessary for penetration of roots into the soil. In heavy soil the root becomes rough and coarse as they can sow directly. No need to transplant. Prior to sowing, soil should be prepared well by deep sloughing to ensure softness for root penetration and growth. The seeds are sown at the distance of 10 cms between plants and 15 cms between rows.

Prior to sowing the seeds are rubbed to remove fine hairs. The soil should have sufficient moisture for proper and quality roots. Carrots are not grown in pots as it is not practical. They are grown in ground only.

Carrots are ready for harvest within 60-70 days from the time of sowing. When carrots are fully mature and ready for lifting, the outer leaves being to wilt and the remaining foliage curls up. Harvesting is dine immediately, Pulling of carrot roots become easy when the ground is watered lightly, 24 hours prior of pulling.


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