Cauliflower KGP

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Cauliflower KGP

Cauliflower Kichen Garden Packet :

Cauliflower is a cool season crop. It can sustain very cold temperatures too. It thrives well on almost all kinds of soil provided it is well drained and contains sufficient organic matter.

The variety in this packet is an early variety. The seedling is advisable to transplant the same to ensure better potential and survival. Once the seeds are sown and the seedling are 3-4 week old then they should be transplanted at a distance of 30 cms between plants and 60 cms between rows. Prior 3-4 days Cauliflower are not recommended to be grown in pots.

It is advisable to blanch the plants artificially by drawing the leaves over the cure (head) and by tying them to protect the heads from sun burning and yellowing so that they may not loose part of the flavors and attractive appearance. The period of blanching should not exceed 3-5 days if weather is hot and 8-10 days in cool weather.

Sometimes problem like splitting or head bursting occurs in the crop and sometime even the head goes into seeding. These are due to.

  1. Seedling are raised early in the season  i.e. there is a possibility of hot weather
  2. Extreme change in temperature, few warm days during cold periods and
  3. Poor growth initially of seedling itself.

 Cauliflower is ready for harvest within 60-65 day of sowing. Harvesting is done when they are compact and free from blemishes like richness or fuzziness.

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