Cluster Bean KGP

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Cluster Bean KGP

Cluster Bean Kichen Garden Packet :

Guar or Gawarphalli are common names of Cluster Bean. The tender green pods of which are edible.

It is essentially a warm season crop and is planted even in rainy season. It thrives best in a drained loamy soil. The seedlings can be sown directly. No need of transplanting. The spacing should be 45cms between rows and 30cms between plants.

The green fruits are harvested by 45 to 55 days depending upon the climatic condition. The pods in tender stage are severed from the plant  by cutting or twisting. Pod-formation starts  from the base and new buds and pods continue over a considerable period. There are 3-4 pod in each axils and all are ready at the same time. They should be plucked carefully to avoid injury to the plant.

It can be grown in Pots too. A 9” Pot is sufficient. Sow the seeds directly into the pot. Sow 3-4 seeds and once germination keep 2 healthy once only.

The fruits are harvested after approx. 45 to 55 days of sowing.


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