Lettuce Iceberg KGP

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Lettuce Iceberg KGP

Lettuce Iceberg Kichen Garden Packet :

Lettuce is a nutritious, leafy vegetable used mainly for consumption as salads. The lceberg  variety in this packet is of  Crispy leaves and crumpled.  They are most widely grown all over the world.

Lettuce by nature is a cool season crop and under warm / hot conditions it tends to bolt to seed. A long, cool growing season is required for satisfactory growth and heading. Lettuce can be grown on variety of soils but generally well drained with sufficient organic manure is the best. It requires regular and thorough watering.

The seeds are sown at a distance of 20-30 cms between plants as well as rows. You may sow closer and later thin out retaining the healthy ones. Lettuces being shallow crop can be grown in bowl kind of containers with sufficient depths. Generally it is not recommended. Growing in grounds is easier and better.

They are harvested as soon as the plants attain acceptable size which is generally between 80 to 90 days. One should note that leaves should not be allowed to become tough. They are harvested in the morning.

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