Musk Melon KGP

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Musk Melon KGP

Musk Melon Kichen Garden Packet :

Musk Melons are fairly drought resistant and can be grown in hot and dry atmosphere. Well drained, loamy soil is best suitable.

The seeds are sown at a distance of 80-90 cms between plants as well as. 2-3 seeds are sown at one point and than one healthy retained. Due to the growing habit being of vine and fruits beings heavy, they are not recommended to be sown in pots. Musk melons are generally grown in ground/ fields.

For home consumption, filly ripened Musk melon are harvested. It is indicated by softening  of ring. They emit a nutty odor and develop  a crack at the point of attachment of fruit from the stalk. When the crack completely encircles the joint, the melon is at ripe stage and contains maximum amount of sugar.

They are ready for harvesting in about 80-90 days from sowing.

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