Onion White KGP

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Onion White KGP

Onion White Kichen Garden Packet :

Onion thrives better in cool season, long days favor  bulb formation. For ripening, dry weather is favorable. Drought conditions are very harmful for plants growth and bulb formation.

Onion prefers to grow well and form good size of bulbs in a soil rich in organic matter, well drained, friable with ability to retain soil moisture. The seedlings require  transplantation. Ones the seeds are sown and about 10 to 15 cm in height cms between plants and 30 cms between rows. Just after  transplanting of seedling of seedlings, light irrigation is essential.

Irrigation should be with held 15 to 20 days before  commencement of maturity, otherwise it will delay the maturity and reduce the quality of bulbs, Onions are not recommended to be grown in pots.

The onion are harvested in about 120 days of sowing. When bulbs become fully mature the maturity is indicated by drooping of the tops above the bulb known as neck fail. The harvesting is done by pulling the bulbs.


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