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Parsley KGP

Parsley Kichen Garden Product :

Parsley is a popular garden herb and is fairly easy and trouble free grow . It combines very well with other herb and tends to enhance food flavors.

The variety in this packet is the curly type. It is more in demand. Parsley requires well drained soil. They prefer the sun to sunny location. The seeds are very slow to germination hence initial care a patience is required. Keep the soil moist but not soggy.

You can grow parsley in a pot too.  Depending upon the need select anywhere from 6” to 10” pot. Sow the seeds and keep and keep in semi-shade and gradually upon germination move to sunny location.

To obtain more & better quality of fruit use Super Vegetable fertilizer once every 15 days and once every 7 days when the buds appear ( Instruction on the product pack.)

Pick the parsley leaves as and when needed. Simply cut or Pinch the stalks at about  ½  inch above the ground level. In about 15-20 days you will see the leaves growing again.

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