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Peas KGP

Peas Kichen Garden Packet :

Peas are cool season crop but require relatively warm weather during ripening.

They can be grown on a wide range of soil; however, they thrive best on well drained, loose, friable loamy soils. Peas grow rapidly and hence good maturing is needed initially while preparing the soil. Peas can be sown direct, no need of transplanting. The planting distance between plants should 10-15 cms.

The water requirement of peas is low however soil. Should  have optimum moisture for good germination. Watering should be controlled. Generally peas require staking when they are about 15-20 cms tall. The plants should be trained manually to climb over  the stakes.

Peas can be grown in pots too. You can sow 2-3 seeds in a 9” or 12” pot. Sow the seeds and keep in semi-shade till germination. Gradually expose to sunlight over a period of one week and then always keep in sunlight.

Harvesting is done in about 60 days after sowing. It should be done when the pods are well filled and tender. The pods should be kept in cool place as the heat deteriorates the pods very fast. Picking should done regularly as soon as pods became ready. It should be started at the bottom of plants giving slight by hands.


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