Radish Red KGP

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Radish Red KGP

Radish Red Kichen Garden Packet :

Radish is a cool season crop. It can be grown on wide range of soils but light. Soft and moist is the best  Heavy soils produce roots of poor quality.

Radish can be sown directly. No need of transplanting. Soil should be well prepared by digging deeply and making friable. It is better if there is no clod, stone and weeds in the soil. The spacing should be 10-15 cms between plants and 30 cms between rows.

The Red Radish can be grown in shallow pots. Sow the seeds and keep in semi shade till germination, gradually expose to sun over a period of one week and then always keep in sunlight. Keep the soil loose in order to obtain good fruits.

To obtain more & better quality of fruit use Super Vegetable fertilizer once every 15 days and once every 7 days when the buds appear .

The harvesting should be done when the roots are still tender. It  generally after 25-30 days of sowing. Prior to harvesting, light irrigation is given, it will soften the soil. The roots are pulled out along with the tops and washed in running water.

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