Ridge Gourd KGP

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Ridge Gourd KGP

Ridge Gourd Kichen Garden Packet :

Ridge gourd requires warm season. Humid climate is most favored. Low temperatures affect its growth adversely. Loamy soil rich in organic matter is best suitable. The seedlings can be grown directly. No need of transplanting. The spacing should be 50-60 cm between plants as well as rows. 

It being a creeper can be grown along the ground or the vines can be grown the ground or the vines can be trained on artificially erected pandals. The fruits grow longer and better when hanging instead of along the ground.

It can be grown in pots too. You can grow it in a 9” pot. Along the boundary of the pot you can make a half round erect structure with wooden stick on which the vines can grow.  Sow the seed directly into the pot and keep it in shade till germination. Gradually expose to sun over a period of one week and then always keep in sunlight.

The fruits are harvested after approx. 45-50 days of sowing. It is should be harvested when tender.

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