Spinach KGP

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Spinach KGP

Spinach Kichen Garden Packet :

Spinach can be grown almost all year round except very heavy rains and frost. It can withstand hot weather to a certain extent.

It can be grown on a wide range of soils provided its growing period. The soil should be moist. Palak can be grown in shallow pots. Scatter the seeds lightly in the pot and water. Keep in semi shade till germination and gradually expose to sunlight over a period of one week.

Harvesting is done in about 25-30 days of sowing. When the leaves have grown to a length of 15-20 cms, they are ready for cutting. They are about 2cms above ground. One crop should give 3-4 cuttings.

The leaves should be utilized immediately after harvesting and should be kept cool.


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