Sponge Gourd Kgp

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Sponge Gourd Kgp

Sponge Gourd Kichen Garden Packet :

Sponge gourd requires warm season with wide adaptability. Low temperatures, Frost are harmful. High humid conditions are favorable resulting in higher fruiting.

It grows well on a wide range of Soil types. It should be well drained and fertile. The seedling  are grown directly. The spacing should be 50-60 cm between plants as well as rows.

It being a creeper can be grown along the ground during summer or the vines can be trained on artificially erected  pandals , during monsoons.

It can be grown in pots too. In a 9” pot along the rim of the pot you can make a half round erect structure with wooden sticks on which the vines can grow. Sow three seeds into the pot and keep two healthy ones after germination. Keep in shade till germination and gradually expose to sun over a week and then always keep in sunlight.

The fruits are harvested within 50-60 days of sowing. They should be harvested at tender and developing stage. Do not wait till fully developed fruits because they become spongy or fibrous which are for vegetable


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