Sweet Corn KGP

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Sweet Corn KGP

Sweet Corn Kichen Garden Packet :

Sweet corn is a very popular vegetable, look good in the garden and is easy to grow. It is a warm season crop and adapted to all climates.

Sweet corn grown well on both light and heavy soils provided it is well drained. Prepare the soil well with organic matter and as it sends deep roots, the bed should be deeply be dug. It is best to grow sweet corn in a block of short rows rather than one long row. This ensures corn better pollination. The spacing  should  be 20-30 cm between plants 30-40 cm between rows. Sweet Corms need good watering especially when they are in flower.

Sweet corn can be grown in pots too. In 12” pot you can sow 2 seeds and keep in Semi-Shade till germination. Gradually expose to sunlight over a period of one week and then always keep in sunlight.

To obtain more & better quality of fruits use Super Vegetable fertilizer once every 15 days and once every 7 days when the buds appear ( Instruction on the product pack.)

Garden fresh sweet corn has an amazing flowers. The cobs are ready to be picked by 80 to 85 days. It can be tested for ripeness by pressing a kernel with your fingernail.  You can expect 1 to 2 cods per plants. Pick the code with a downward and twisting action.

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