Sudarshan 35 - Honda GX 35

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Sudarshan 35 - Honda GX 35

SUDARSHAN weed cutter and harvester is an ideal agriculture machine for various on field application like Grass Cutting, Fodder harvesting and harvesting for many other agriculture crops like wheat, paddy, maize and other oil seeds crops. SUDARSHAN is most ideal machine replacing the manual labour with more effective machine performance and cost saving.

SUDARSHAN  is equipped with various type of rotating disc blades and harvester which helps to threshing out the grass from your farm with ease, speed and accuracy. The high speed rotating blades fitted with harvester can help you harvest various crops by keeping the harvest at one side for easy bale making.

SUDARSHAN comes with CE standard safety features and Anti Vibration Dampeners system for fatigue free operation for long hours. Reliable clutch case and gears are specially desigened for indian Farm Conditions.

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