Capsicum KGP

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Capsicum KGP

Capsicum Kichen Garden Packet :

Capsicums can be grown successfully in mild and cold climactic condition. It can withstand frost up to some extent but dies at freezing temperatures. Heavy and continuous rain during flowering and fruiting result in poor fruit set and dropping of flower buds hence are avoided during rains.

Capsicums are grown on a wide range of soils but does best in light well drained soil rich in organic matter. The seedlings require transplantation. Once the seeds are sown and the seedlings are 2-3 weeks old then they should be transplanted at a distance of 30-45 cms between plants and 45-60 cms between rows.

Once the plants grow tall, staking by means of a wooden stick may be required to keep the plant upright. The fruits are harvested after 85-90 days of sowing and continue well up to  2-3 months thereafter.

Capsicum can be grown in pots too. Prepare the seedlings in small poly bags or cans baskets and transplant them into a 9” -12” pot 2-3 weeks. You can sow directly into pots too if space is a problem. Sow the seeds and keep in semi-shade till germination, gradually expose to sun over a period of one week and then always keep in sunlight.

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