Foggers Balwan Power Knapsack

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Foggers Balwan Power Knapsack

Balwan a new generation power knapsack sprayer for faster and more efficient coverage of your spraying. In today's farming business, the most important factor is Time and cost saving. Balwan actually helps you to achieve both objectives.



Pump Horizontal Gear Driven
Plunger 1 pic (Two way Operation), 18mm Dia
Tank Capacity 25 lit
Out Put  3 ~ 8 lit / min
Pressure 1.5 ~ 2.5 MPa
Engine TU - 26. Two stroke Air Cooled Engine.
Displacement 25.4 cc
Engine Power 0.75 kw / 7000 rpm
Fuel Mixture of Petrol & 2T Lubricating Oil at 25:1 ratio
Fuel Tank Capacity 0.9 lit
Starting System Easy start Recoil Starter



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