Lady Finger KGP

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Lady Finger KGP

Lady Finger Kichen Garden Packet :

An annual plant, grows well in long warm season. Grown all over India during spring-summer and rainy season. Where weather  is mild then in winter too.

Sow directly, no transplanting. In rows at 30 cms between plants  and  60 cms between rows. Water gently but thoroughly. In rains sow on  ridge to avoid water stagnation.  It requires enough moisture throughout. First harvest  after 45 day of sowing. Pods are picked at 2-3 days interval up to 2 months or more.

Lady Fingers can be grown in pots too. 2-3 seeds per 9” pot is enough. Sow the seeds and keep in semi-shade till germination, gradually expose to sun over a period of one week. Keep anywhere provided there is enough sunlight.


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