Watermelon Green KGP

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Watermelon Green KGP

Watermelon Green Kichen Garden Packet:

Watermelons are fairly drought resistant and can grow in most climatic conditions.

It is one of the vegetables that can be grown in acidic Soils. Generally light loamy soil with sufficient  manure is recommended. Waterlogged soils are unfit for them. In order to initiate proper germination, sprinkling of water is done so that the surface remains soft which in turn facilitates emergence and development of young seedlings.

The seeds are sown at a distance of 100-120 cms between plants as well as rows. 2-3 seed are sown at one point and then one healthy retrained. Due to the fruits being heavy, they are not recommended to be sown in pots.

For home consumption, fully ripened watermelons are harvested. This is indicated by withering of the tendril subtending the stem of the fruit. When the fruit is thumped, it will give a dull sound. Whereas immature fruits will give a ringing  sound.  A ripe melon emits a crisp cracking noise on pressing and the surface may yield to pressure.

They are harvested in the early morning and kept in a cool place. The fruits keep well for over 10-12 days. The fruits are ready for harvesting in about 90-100 days of sowing

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