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About Us

In Service to Farmers in India since 1885.

Established in 1885 by Shri Motilal K. Shah,  THE BOMBAY SEEDS SUPPLY Co. Is one of the oldest firms reputed for it’s quality products, customer service and excellent support to customers with it’s extensive knowledge base.

Our retail operations started in late 1885 with an outlet at Byculla Vegetable Market in Mumbai.  Business focus was Vegetables and Flower Seeds which were produced in Europe and the United States.

The business expanded pan India - Seeds distribution for imported Cauliflower and Cabbage Seeds, distributing fertilizers of Liverpool Fertilizer Co Ltd, UK and many others.

During second world war when all the sea and air routes of transportation were badly affected, we established the Seeds Production Base in Kashmir Valley.

Today we have outlets across the city of Mumbai with product categories across Urban Gardening products, Agricultural Sprayers & Equipments, Pest Management products with other Agri Inputs like Seeds and Pesticides.