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Orion 9 Ltr Hand Compression Sprayer

  • Product Code: T-02-V90
  • Availability: Out Of Stock

  • Rs 3,920 /-

Orion Super constitute a series of very practical, professional and reliable compression sprayers with a tank capacity ranging from 3.0 L to 9.0 ltr.These durable, multi-purpose garden sprayers turn out to be perfect for plant protection . They are mainly ear marked for the application of liquid agents, including foliage fertilizers and soluble substances providing plant protection from diseases, weeds or pests.All components of the ORION SUPER series are made of highly durable and chemically resistant materials.The sprayers are equipped with a safety valve which protects against explosion .High quality seals and a tank stabilizing base (O ring ) additionally increases Safety .ORION SUPER are equipped with telescopic lances with smooth adjustment the length (in the range from 0.6 to 1.2 m) carrying straps with a shoulder pad and a funnel with strainer for convenient pouring of chemical agents.A volume scale on the tank enables precise measurement of liquids used.

  • 1.2m Telescopic Lance, Pressure Gauge, Stable Base,Wide filling area,Safety Valve (3 Bar)
  • Set of professional nozzle tips, Durable & chemically resistant material, 1.9Kg
  • Protective and nurturing activities in vegetable gardening, fruit farming, horticulture and forestry
  • Used for Spraying with pesticides, herbicides, liquid chemical fertilizers
  • Used for Clean water (sprinkling), Multipurpose.

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