Carrot Seeds (Gajar)

Shop for high-quality Carrot Seeds (Gajar) for your vegetable garden. Grow delicious and nutritious carrots with our premium seeds.

Growing tips for Carrot
1. Plant carrot seeds in a sunny location in well-draining soil. Work the soil to a fine texture and remove any rocks or debris.
2. Sow carrot seeds 1/4 inch deep and 1 inch apart in rows spaced 12 inches apart.
3. Keep the soil consistently moist with light and frequent watering.
4. Thin out the seedlings to 2 inches apart when they reach 2 inches in height.
5. Mulch the soil around the carrot plants to maintain moisture and keep weeds down.
6. Fertilize the soil with a balanced fertilizer every few weeks during the growing season.
7. Harvest carrots when they reach 1 inch in diameter. Pull the carrots gently from the soil to avoid damaging them.

❎ Spring Summer
❎ Monsoon
✅ Mild Winter
✅ Winter

Sowing Depth

⬇ 4mm
✅ Direct
❎ Transplant

Germination (Days)

8-10 🌱

Spacing Between Seeds

10 cm (horizontal) 🌱—-🌱
15 cm (vertical)🌱

Harvest (Days)

80-85 ☀