Fogger XL 175 (P)


Fogger XL 175 (P) is the ultimate solution for efficient mosquito management in villages, cities, warehouses, schools, and more.

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No other machine can surpass the Fogger XL 175 (P) application capacity or its speed in completing difficult chemical application job such as Mosquito Management in Villages, Towns, Cities, Warehouses, Factories, Food Processing Plants, Greenhouses, Parks, Cattle Barns, Swine/ Poultry Houses, Grain Mills Shopping Centres, Schools, Restaurants, Hotels. Easily, effectively and economically dispenses oil based Insecticides, Fungicides, Germicides, Disinfectants, Odour control and other chemical products. For ease of use, durability, efficiency, effectiveness and economy, Fogger XL 175 outperforms any Indian or Imported brand. Fogger XL 175 (P) which uses plastic (HDPE) tank for fuel as well as formulation.


Technical Features of Fogger XL 175 (P):
* Type of Machine: Thermal Aerosol Fog, resonate pulse principal.
* Performance of engine tube: 17.5 KW/hr
* Solution Tank Output: 0-30 Ltr/Hr
* Solution Tank Capacity: 6 LTR
* Fuel Tank Capacity: 1.3 Ltr
* Fuel Tank Pressure: Non-Pressurized Tank
* Fuel Consumption: 1.50 Ltr per Hrs
* Ignition Source: Buzzer Coil
* Batteries Size: 6/12 V Gel Battery
* Starting: Electric Start with Manual Pump Backup
* Warranty: 12 months manufacturing defect(s).

Made In India

Weight 17 kg
Dimensions 104 × 28 × 35 cm
Special Features:

Time-tested German Technology.
Engine output up to 17.5 kw/hr.
Plastic (HDPE) formulation and fuel tank.
Suitable for small to medium area.
Covers up to 25acres/hr.

BIS Compliant:

BIS 14855 (Part 1)

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