Matabi Herbamat CDA Sprayer

Matabi Herbamet is first generation CDA sprayer , most useful for low volume weedicides applications through controlled droplet applications. 
  •  Efficient: coverage of the same surface area as using conventional spraying techniques with less effort and savings in water and product consumption. Great autonomy of the batteries (between 40 and 70 hours).
  • Ergonomic/easy to use: comfortable working position, balanced weight distribution, manufactured in aluminum (lightweight), telescopic for easy transport, adjustable drive-motor head and length to adapt it to the user’s needs. External nozzle position for easy change and visibility of the used nozzle.
  •  Robust and simple: minimal electrical connections, external protected wiring and hose (resistant, allows control and visibility of the herbicide flow), strong drive-motorhead with protective disc cover.
Specific solutions for crops like cotton, coffee, cocoa, etc.
Equipment Included

Complete lance with nozzle holder, protective disc cover and transport carrying bag.
3 nozzles for treatment selection (Controlled Droplet size which prevents drift): yellow 15 1/Ha, green 20 1/Ha and red 30 1/Ha).
12 I translucent and graduated supply tank with constant flow outlet.
Adjustable swath control device (Includes White nozzle 10 1 L/Ha, brown 15 1 L/Ha and blue 20 1 L/Ha).
Turns circular spraying into width/swath controlled spraying(reducing the working width to 80 cm) while maintaining all the features in terms of uniform distribution and droplet size


12 Months Warranty against Manufacturing Defects


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