Goizper Group, Spain brings to you “IK INOX 6” characterized by its great robustness, ease of use and quality of materials which is used in the construction industry, pest control and professional cleaning sector.

The equipment in IK INOX is equipped with a 1.8 m bi-component hose, a large integrated funnel to facilitate filling, a safety valve set at 6 bar that can be depressurised, a support for the lance, a pressure gauge, a belt for carrying it on a shoulder strap, two spray nozzles (adjustable cone and fan) and a base for greater stability and foot support.


  • Seals and materials resistant to mineral & vegetable oils, curing agents and neutral cleaners.
  • Innovative and ergonomic design
  • Stable base with feet brackets
  • Stainless steel lance and handle
  • Safety valve set at 6 bar
  • Standard compressed air connector in 6 Lt. model
  • Pressure gauge
  • Wide funnel integrated into tank for easy filling
  • Adjustable cone nozzle and standard elbow with fan nozzle
  • Carrying straps for over-shoulder transport


12 Months Warranty against Manufacturing Defects 


12 Months Warranty against Manufacturing Defects


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