Foggers India brings to you “Jupiter 150” the most afforable and easy to use hand compression sprayer which comes in a capacity of 1.5 litres thus making it a perfect addition to your home garden. It has an adjustable nozzle which gives two kinds of spray – fine and jet. Jupiter 150’s most unique quality is it’s strong formualtion tank. It can sustain the harshest kind of chemical or fertiziler.


  1. With its ergonomic handle and adjustable nozzle, the Jupiter 150 Hand Compression Sprayer lets you spray very fine drops of water on your favourite plants.
  2. As well as being able to adjust the spray to a JET setting for cleaning purposes, this sprayer can also be used for water-based spray formulations.


Application Area:- 

  1. Indoor & outdoor flowering plants, kitchen garden plants, indoor & outdoor potted plants


Made In India





Capacity:- 1.5 liter
Pressure:-  2.0 bar
Weight:- 0.40 kg


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