LOC Hot Shot is ideal for Poultry Farms, Bungalows, Party Lawns, Housing Societies, Farm Houses, Schools, Industries, Gram Panchayats, Construction Site.
India is endemic for 6 major vector borne disease (VBD) namely Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunia, Filariasis, Japanese Ence phalitis and Visceral Leishmaniasis.
Since 2018, there has been a significant drop in number of people getting contracted to these diseases. A lot of efforts and man power by the Malaria Dept. of our Government, Private Companies and Housing Societies have made this possible.
Effective Mosquito Management is the need of the hour and Thermal Fogging is highly effective. Thermal Fogging disturbs the life cycle of the insects and thus destroys mosquitoes which have the potential to multiply. Best results are achieved when fogging is done in places where mosquitoes breed (stagnant water, gully traps, road side drains, etc) and at a time of day when these insects are active which is usually early in the morning or late evening hours and sometimes at night.
Now, Foggers India puts the power of effective mosquito management in your hands with the LOC Hot Shot.
  1. Covers small areas effectively .
  2. Uses LPG as burner fuel .
  3.  Reliable hand pump for fog output
  4. Patented Coil cleaning system .
  5. Noiseless operation .
  6. Nation-wide sales and service network
  7. AMC available at select towns
Features :
  1. Inlet easy refilling of Solution Tank
  2. Brass Pumping Valve
  3. Realigned Lighter Cable
  4. Fused solution tank & water bottle for easy & better handling.
Aerosol Gas as Additional product with the LOC Hot Shot
Technical Specification

Model:- LOC Handy Fogger
Fuel:- Liquefied Petroleum gas
Formulation tank capacity:- 2.0 lit
Fuel Consumptions:- App 225 g P/H
Size:- L- 350 mm, H- 330 mm, W: 150 mm
Weight:- 1.5 kg(empty)


12 Months Warranty against Manufacturing Defects


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