Foggers India brings to you “Mercury 360” one of a kind dual action hand sprayer. Dual action spraying is a unique technique which allows you to spray during press and release of the spray trigger. It is 360 in nature because at no matter what angle you spray – upwards / downwards or even sideways – it will spray. Mercury 360 has a comfortable spray head and handle and has an adjustable nozzle which gives two kinds of spray – fine and jet.


  1. Double action spraying is a one-of-a-kind method that allows you to spray while holding down the spray trigger and releasing it.
  2. No matter where the tank is positioned, 360-degree spraying is possible.
  3. Dosing and control of liquid are made easy with the liquid level strip
  4. Designed with a comfortable and reliable spray head, the Mercury hand sprayer has an ergonomic handle with an adjustable nozzle that can be set to fine spray for plants and to jet spray for cleaning purposes.


Application Area:- 

Indoor flowering plants, kitchen garden plants, indoor potted plants, plant nursery.


Manufactured in India with head imported from Kwazar Corp ,Zoo , Poland


Capacity:- 1 liter
Weight:- 0.17 kg


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