Orion constitute a series of very practical , professional and reliable compression sprayers, with a tank capacity ranging from 3.0 L to 9.0 ltr. These robust and versatile garden sprayers have proven to be perfect for crop protection. They are primarily intended for the application of foliar fertilizers or liquid agents containing soluble substances to protect crops from diseases, weeds or pests. All parts of the ORION  series are made from durable and chemically resistant materials. The nebulizer is equipped with a safety valve that protects against explosions. High quality seals and tank stabilizing bases (O-rings) also add safety. The ORION SUPER is equipped with a telescoping lance with continuously adjustable length (ranging from 0.6 to 1.2 m), a carrying strap with shoulder pad and a funnel with sieve for convenient dosing of chemicals. A volume scale on the tank allows you to accurately measure the liquid you are using.


  1. Stabilizing ring: Stabilization and protection of the tank against damage
  2.  Safety Valve: For pressure control
  3. Adjustable fiberglass lance: Elastic lance with spray range from 0.6 m to 1.2 m
  4. Convenient funnel: Comfortable pouring of liquids
  5. Base ring feet: Tabs in the stabilizing ring that facilitate pumping
  6. Liquid level strips: Easy dosing and control of the liquid level
  7. Comfortable carrying straps: Comfort of use during prolonged work

Other unmatched international features are as follows:

  1. Automatic safety relive valve with pressure indicator.
  2. Dent proof, unbreakable PVC tank.
  3. 100% non-corrosive pump unit barrel and skirt base.


Application  Area:-

Indoor & outdoor flowering plants, kitchen garden plants, indoor & outdoor potted plants. This sprayer is ideal for spraying water, insecticides, foliar fertilizer in the garden, potted plants and nursery beds.




Capacity:-  5.6 litre, 8.2 litre & 11.3 litre.
Pressure:- 3.5 bar
Weight:- 1.7 kg, 2.7 kg & 3.2 kg.


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