Red Soil

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Bombay Seeds’s Red Soil is an essential component for your plants. It contains both macronutrients and micronutrients. It is extracted from the earth in its purest form. There will be no chemical or nutrient mixing. It is low in phosphorus, humus, phosphoric acid, magnesium, and lime, but high in potash, with pH levels ranging from neutral to acidic. It has a high percentage of iron content, which is responsible for its colour.
How to Make Use of Red Soil
 While preparing the potting mix, add 1/4 of the red to the vermi compost and cocopeat. To revive plants that appear unhealthy and have pale leaves, add 200gms of soil every now and then. Intervenal chlorosis (yellow/green veins on the leaves) is depicted.
Red Soil formed due to weathering of cold crystalline rocks in the areas of the low rainfall.
* More sandy and less clayey.
* Rich in iron and small amount of humus.
* Slightly acidic and don’t retain the moisture.
* Porous and friable.
Direction of use:
It can be use directly in potted plants.
* Mixed with river sand manure, cocopeat and perlite for succulents and cactus.
* For good potting mixture cocopeat, organic manure and Red Soil use in 1:1:1 ratio.