Sponge Gourd Seeds (Ghosali)

Buy high-quality Sponge Gourd Seeds from Bombay Seeds for a nutritious & versatile vegetable in your kitchen garden. Easy to grow & packed with health benefits.

Growing tips for Sponge Gourd
1. Plant the sponge gourd seeds in a sunny, well-drained location.
2. Water the plants regularly to keep the soil evenly moist.
3. Fertilize the plants every 2-3 weeks with a balanced fertilizer.
4. Prune off any dead or diseased foliage.
5. Harvest the sponge gourds when they are 8-12 inches long and the skin is firm and green.
6. Store the sponge gourds in a cool, dry location for up to 2 weeks.

✅ Spring Summer
✅ Monsoon
❎ Mild Winter
❎ Winter

Sowing Depth

⬇ 4 mm
✅ Direct
❎ Transplant

Germination (Days)

8-10 🌱

Spacing Between Seeds

50-60 cm (horizontal) 🌱—-🌱
50-60 cm (vertical)🌱

Harvest (Days)

50-60 ☀