Venus 360

Foggers India brings to you “Venus 360 – Hand Compression Sprayer” a very attractive and easy to use sprayer which is built to last !! It is 360 in nature because at no matter what angle you spray – upwards / downwards or even sideways – it will spray. One of the best feature of the “Venus 360” sprayer is that it complies with International Safety Standards. It comes with build-in safety valve which helps in releving pressure from the sprayer and has adjustable nozzles which gives two kinds of spray – fine and jet.



  1. Stylish and easy to use, the Venus Hand Compression Sprayer is a great tool for the garden.
  2. International safety standards are met by Venus’ integrated safety valve.
  3. The adjustable spray nozzle allows 360 spraying regardless of the tank’s position.
  4. Our tanks are made from stabilized plastic & spare parts are readily available.
  5. With an integrated liquid level strip, you can easily dose and control the liquid level.
  6. For damage protection, the tank comes with a stabilizing ring.
  7. As a small hand compression sprayer, Venus has all the standard features along with an adjustable nozzle that can be rotated at a 360-degree angle.


Application Area:-

  1. Indoor & outdoor flowering plants, kitchen garden plants, indoor & outdoor potted plants.
  2. This sprayer is ideal for spraying water, insecticides, foliar fertilizer in the garden, potted plants and nursery beds.


Manufactured Kwazar Corp ,Zoo , Poland



Capacity:- 1 liter
Pressure:- 2.2 bar
Weight:- 0.51 kg


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