Vinca Seeds

Add a pop of color to your garden with our Vinca Seeds. Easy to grow, order now and enjoy vibrant blooms in a variety of colors from your own garden.

Growing tips for Vinca
1. Plant vinca seeds in a sunny to partially sunny location with well-drained soil.
2. Water vinca regularly during the growing season to keep the soil evenly moist.
3. Fertilize vinca once a month during the growing season with a balanced fertilizer.
4. Prune vinca regularly to keep the plant from becoming too tall and leggy.
5. Divide vinca every two or three years to keep it healthy and to encourage more blooms.
6. Deadhead spent blooms to encourage new flowers.
7. Apply a mulch around the vinca to help retain moisture and to keep weeds away.

✅ Spring Summer
❎ Monsoon
✅ Mild Winter
✅ Winter

Sowing Depth

⬇ 4mm
❎ Direct
✅ Transplant

Germination (Days)

7-8 🌱

Spacing Between Seeds

10-15 cm (horizontal) 🌱—-🌱
30 cm (vertical)🌱

Harvest (Days)

40-45 ☀