LOC Handy Fogging Machine - An Effective Tool For Vector Management

LOC Handy Fogging Machine - An Effective Tool For Vector Management

India is a tropical country and thus presents an ideal habitat for mosquitoes to breed. Over the years, India has significantly reduced the burden of vector-borne diseases, including malaria. One technique that is employed to get rid of mosquitoes is fogging. The treatment entails releasing insecticides into the air to target mosquitoes using a LOC handy fogging machine.

A Sneak Peek Into Types Of Fogging Machines

A handy fogging machine is a device designed to transform liquid chemicals into thick fog or vapour. This equipment is used to spray chemicals

There are different kinds of fogging machines available, like:

Thermal fogging machine, as the name suggests, involves using heat. The heat is generated by a burner fuel like LPG, which converts chemicals into dense fog. A fogging machine produces a hot-vaporised chemical that interacts with the atmosphere, creating fog due to the temperature disparity. A pump assembly propels chemicals from storage tanks to the heating unit of the fogger. Here, the chemical is heated to high temperatures before being expelled into the atmosphere through a nozzle.

The process interferes with the life cycle of the insects and thus destroys mosquitoes. Controlling mosquito populations has been instrumental in combating diseases like malaria and dengue. This is considered to be the best mosquito fogging machine in India.

Besides this, there are cold fogging machines. Instead of heat, these machines use air pressure to convert chemicals into dense fog. These are primarily used in surface cleaning and sanitation.

Which Liquid/Chemical Is Used in Fogging Machines?

The mosquito fogging machine uses chemicals to stop the mosquito menace. There are multiple liquid options for a handy fogging machine.

Mineral oil-based fluids, mainly made from paraffin waxes and surfactants or emulsifiers, can also be used in fogging machines. Lastly, water-based fluids can also be used in fogging machines.

Mosquito mini fogging machines usually use an insecticide-based liquid. In the Indian market, three recommended chemicals for mosquito fogging are King Fog by Bayer, N-Core by Chemet, and Gokilath by Sumitomo.

It is important to note that not all insecticides can be used in a portable fogging machine for mosquitoes. The choice of insecticides for foggers depends on the type of fogger being used. Few foggers can accommodate oil or water-based insecticides, while others can only use organic insecticides such as pyrethrins or pyrethroids.

Uses Of Fogging Machines

Fogging is ideal for various settings, including poultry farms, bungalows, party lawns, housing societies, farmhouses, schools, industries, gram panchayats, and construction sites. In these diverse environments, fogging can effectively control mosquito populations and minimise the risk of mosquito-borne diseases.

Whether it's protecting livestock in poultry farms, ensuring comfort in residential areas, or maintaining hygiene standards in construction sites, fogging serves as a versatile solution for mosquito control. By implementing fogging procedures in these locations, individuals and organisations can create safer and more comfortable environments for residents, workers, and visitors alike.

Things To Affect The Effectiveness Of Fogging done by Fogging Machines

Several factors determine the effectiveness of fogging for mosquito control. These are:

Chemicals: The choice of insecticides used in fogging plays a significant role in ensuring safety. Using insecticides that relevant health and environmental authorities have approved enhances the safety profile of fogging as a mosquito control measure.

Timing and weather conditions: The timing and prevailing weather conditions during fogging operations are crucial factors in enhancing effectiveness and minimising unintended exposure. Typically, fogging is conducted during peak mosquito activity periods and when wind speeds are conducive to dispersing the fog evenly. These timings are universal, regardless of the geographic region, and ensure a standardised approach to mosquito control and disease prevention.

For effectively combating malaria, dengue, and chikungunya, the timing of fogging operations is crucial. Malaria, primarily transmitted by nocturnal mosquitoes, is best addressed through fogging during dawn or dusk—just after sunrise or right after sunset. Dengue and chikungunya, on the other hand, necessitate a similar fogging schedule, during dawn or dusk, but with the added flexibility of daytime fogging.

Benefits Of Fogging Machines

Remember to check its benefits while searching for a handy fogging machine near me. Fogging machines are easy to operate pest control and sanitation tools. They require minimal manual labour and efficiently reach inaccessible areas with fine fog dispersion. This not only saves time and effort but also ensures thorough coverage.

Thermal Fogging Machines – A Vehicle Mountable Device

Thermal foggers are fuel-powered device that can be mounted on vehicles for outdoor use. These mini fogging machines are used for spraying different oil and water-based chemicals, be it fungicides, pesticides, poultry vaccines, disinfectants, miticides, and odor neutralizers. It vaporises the pesticide to create a fog that can kill the insects in any area.

Owing to the electrical automatic start-up igniter, a finger press can set the machine in working mode. Its automatic cutoff feature ensures complete user's safety by halting the flames spraying instantly in case of an accident.

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