Established in 1885 by Shri Motilal K Shah, The Bombay Seeds Supply Co. is one of the oldest and most reputable companies in the industry.


Nurturing Growth Since 1885

The company’s retail operations began in late 1885 with an outlet at Byculla Vegetable Market in Mumbai, focusing on selling vegetable and flower seeds imported from Europe and the United States.

138 Years of Bombay Seeds's Excellence

139 Years of Trust

With 139 years of history, The Bombay Seeds Supply Co. now boasts 3 well-established retail outlets and a network of over 200 dealers spread across India.

Venus Hand compression sprayer

Growth Nationwide

Over the years, our business experienced significant growth and expanded nationwide, offering a diverse range of products including Urban Gardening Products, Agricultural Sprayers and Equipment, Pest Control Management Products, as well as other Agri-Inputs like Seeds, Tools, and Pesticides.

Bombay Seeds's Countless Success Stories.

Countless Success Stories.

Our company takes pride in serving over 100,000 satisfied customers who rely on their quality products, exceptional customer service, and extensive knowledge in the field.