Nurturing Growth for Over 139 Years!

Bombay Seeds is a 139 year old company based out of Mumbai, India. We come from 5 generations of Horticulturist and Agri Specialists. We stand to deliver the best solutions by continually improving productivity, yield and profitability for our customers.

Our products create more time, cost and labour-saving solutions to support you in working better and smarter.

We take pride in bringing forth quality products, experience and extensive knowledge in the domains of Gardening, Farming, Food Security and Health Security.

We are in service to three industries

garden tools.

Gardening Solutions

Whether you're a seasoned gardening enthusiast or a beginner, we aim to be your trusted partner in creating thriving indoor and outdoor green spaces with our curated selection of premium gardening essentials.

[kitchen garden seeds, garden tools, manures and fertilisers, pots, garden sprayers, lawn mowers, brush cutters]

Man in farm, with knapsack sprayer on the back

Food Security

India ranks second largest globally in agricultural productions. Our Agricultural Sprayers and Machineries are manufactured especially for our Indian farmers which can support them in optimizing their work on the field.

[manual knapsack sprayers, battery operated sprayers, manual cum battery sprayers, petrol-operated sprayers, diaphragm sprayers, brush cutters, chain saws] 

Health Security

We supply Fogging Equipment to the Pest Management Industry which is used for fumigation, sanitisation, insect control and odor removal. 

[thermal fogging machines, ulv/cold fogging machines, pesticides and insecticides]

Our Countless Success Stories.

  • Our company takes pride in serving over 100,000 satisfied customers who rely on their quality products, exceptional customer service, and extensive knowledge in the field.