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Aditya 19:19:19 (1 Kg)

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The Vanita AGRO ADITYA  19:19:19 is a versatile, multi-element compound. This water-soluble fertilizer is particularly well-suited for drip irrigation. It finds applications in both Foliar Spray and Fertigation (Drip irrigation) techniques and is suitable for all types of crops. ADITYA  19:19:19 provides an early boost to crops, enhancing their vigor and overall health. Moreover, it is highly compatible with various pesticides and fungicides, allowing for convenient mixing with these chemicals.
  • The ADITYA range is known for its pure and 100% water-soluble properties.
  • ADITYA serves as an excellent source of NPK fertilizers.
  • Specifically designed for drip irrigation and foliar spray, ADITYA is suitable for all types of crops and effectively addresses nutrient deficiencies.
  • ADITYA is chlorine and sodium-free, making it safe for both leaves and roots.
  • All ADITYA formulations include chelated micronutrients for enhanced effects.
  • Users have reported a significant increase in crop yields after implementing ADITYA fertilizers.

Additional Information

* Recommended Dose: 3-6 Gm Per Lt. gm
* Recommended Crop: Each And Every Crop, Plants And Trees.

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Aditya 19:19:19
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