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Bael Seed Balls (Pack of 20)

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Discover Bael Seed Balls at Bombay Seeds

Explore the innovative Bael Seed Balls at Bombay Seeds—a simple yet powerful way to cultivate the revered Bael tree (Aegle marmelos).

What Are Bael Seed Balls?

Bael Seed Balls are compact spheres containing soil, compost, and Bael seeds. Designed for easy planting, they protect seeds and ensure optimal growth, even in challenging environments.


1. Easy Planting: Scatter seed balls and let rain and sunlight naturally initiate germination.
2. High Germination Rate: Protective coating enhances seed viability, leading to better growth.
3. Sustainability: Supports reforestation efforts and biodiversity conservation.
4. Medicinal Value: Bael tree is prized for its medicinal properties, aiding digestive and respiratory health.
5. Ecological Impact: Drought-resistant Bael trees restore degraded lands and provide habitat for wildlife.

How to Use

1.Select Location: Choose sunny, well-drained soil.
2. Scatter Seeds: Place seed balls on soil surface.
3. Natural Growth: Rain and natural elements will dissolve seed balls, allowing seeds to sprout.

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Bael Seed Balls (Pack of 20)
Bael Seed Balls (Pack of 20)
Bael Seed Balls (Pack of 20)
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