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Beet Seeds

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Growing tips for Beet
1. Start seeds indoors, 6-8 weeks before the last frost date in your area. Plant the beet seeds in soil about ½ inch deep.
2. Once the seedlings are about 2 inches tall, thin them out to about 4-6 inches apart.
3. Transplant the seedlings into the garden when the soil has warmed up in spring.
4. Plant the seedlings in rows, spacing them 4-6 inches apart, in a sunny location.
5. Water the beets regularly to keep the soil moist but not soggy.
6. Mulch around the plants to help retain moisture and keep weeds down.
7. Fertilize the beets every 2-4 weeks with a balanced fertilizer.
8. Harvest beets when they are about 2-3 inches in diameter.
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Beet Seeds
Beet Seeds
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Product Description - Organic Beetroot Seeds

Discover the health benefits of growing your own beetroots with Bombay Seeds' Organic Beetroot Seeds. These seeds are perfect for your home garden, providing a nutritious and delicious addition to your meals. Beetroots from Bombay Seeds are rich in iron, fiber, vitamins A and C, making them an excellent choice for maintaining a healthy diet. Buy beetroot seeds online from Bombay Seeds and enjoy fresh, home-grown beets year-round.

Benefits/Uses of Beetroot

  • Anti-Inflammatory: Contains beneficial plant compounds that alleviate inflammation and protect cells from damage.
  • Boosts Stamina: Increases blood flow to muscles, enhancing exercise performance.
  • Heart Health: High in folate, which helps prevent cardiovascular disease and stroke.
  • Reduces Blood Pressure: Naturally relaxes and widens blood vessels, lowering blood pressure.
  • Improves Immunity: Rich in fiber, promoting healthy gut bacteria and strengthening the immune system.
  • Versatile Consumption: Can be consumed raw, cooked, or as juice, retaining most of its nutrients.

Specifications of Beetroot Seeds

  • Common Name: Beetroot
  • Sunlight: Requires 6 hours of sunlight daily
  • Water: Needs 2.5 cm of water per week
  • Temperature: Ideal between 60 to 70°F (15 to 21°C)
  • Soil: Prefers soil with a pH of 6.0 to 7.0
  • Fertilizer: SoilRich Germi Quick Cocopeat 1kg, SoilRich 306, Gomay Organic Manure 1kg.
  • Germination: 2 to 3 weeks
  • Harvest Season: 50-60 days
  • Number of Seeds: 10gm worth of seeds per packet

Planting and Care for Beetroot

Sowing Beetroot Seeds

  • Direct Sowing: Sow seeds directly in grow bags to avoid disturbing roots.
  • Depth and Spacing: Plant seeds 1/2 inch deep and 1-2 inches apart in rows 1 foot apart.
  • Thinning: Thin young plants to 3-4 inches apart once greens reach 4 inches high.
  • Germination Tip: Soak seeds in water for 24 hours before planting to enhance germination.

Growing Beetroot

  • Mulching: Apply mulch and water weekly with about 1 inch of water per square foot.
  • Weeding: Weed carefully to avoid disturbing shallow roots.
  • Pest Protection: Use row covers to protect from pests like leaf miners.
  • Fertilization: Use minimal nitrogen to avoid excessive leaf growth with small bulbs.

Harvesting Beetroot

  • Timing: Harvest 55-70 days after planting when roots are the size of a golf ball or larger.
  • Method: Loosen soil around the beet and gently lift from the ground.
  • Greens: Harvest greens at any time, but leave some leaves for continued root growth.

Precautions While Growing Beetroot

  • Fertilization: Use SoilRich Germi Quick Cocopeat 1kg, SoilRich 306, Gomay Organic Manure 1kg
  • Disease Management: Ensure good air circulation and remove infected leaves to prevent rust.

Common Problems Affecting Beetroot Plants and Solutions

  • Rust: Characterized by tiny, raised brown-red spots on leaves. Ensure proper air circulation and remove affected leaves.
  • Aphids: Small transparent insects; treat with a water solution containing dishwashing liquid.
  • Rodents: Mice and voles can damage beetroot; keep the garden clean to deter nesting.
For those looking to buy beetroot seeds online, Bombay Seeds offers the best quality at competitive prices. Our selection of organic beetroot seeds ensures you grow healthy, nutrient-rich vegetables. Explore our range of chukandar seeds online and buy beet seeds to start your gardening journey with confidence. Choose Bombay Seeds for all your gardening needs and enjoy the benefits of fresh, home-grown produce.

Alternate names for beetroot seeds

Botanical name: Beta vulgaris
beetroot seed in hindi: chukandar ka beej (चुकंदर का बीज)
beetroot seed in tamil: pitrut vitai (பீட்ரூட் விதை)
beetroot seed in telugu: bitrut sid (బీట్రూట్ సీడ్)
beetroot seed in kannada: bitrut bija (ಬೀಟ್ರೂಟ್ ಬೀಜ)
beetroot seed in marathi: bitaruta biyane (बीटरूट बियाणे)
beetroot seed in malayalam: beettoottu vithu (ബീറ്റ്റൂട്ട് വിത്ത്)
Other names: Red garden beet, blood turnip