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Bingoo Rodent Glue Trap (Large)

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Bingoo helps you to trap the rodent activity in unwanted places like your Kitchen, Homes or Offices.
Bingoo ensures safe and effective way to get rid of rodent.
Bingoo can be used stand alone or with rodent trapping box (Roda-Box).

Additional Information

Glue quantity : 40 gram
Minimum Quantity: 3
Glue Board Size: 21.5cm × 33.00 cm

Direction for use:
• Open the glue trap gently and ensure that the glue area is not touched.
• Place the glue trap along the walls and corners, behind the furniture and appliances.
• You may place food bait in the centre of the glue trap to attract rodents.
• Do not expose the traps in direct sunlight or moist areas.
• Keep away from Children and Non Targeted species.

    Bingoo Rodent Glue Trap (Large)
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