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Bitter Gourd Seeds

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Growing tips for Bitter Gourd
1. Plant bitter gourd seeds in a sunny, sheltered area of your garden that offers well-draining soil.
2. Ensure your soil is kept moist but not wet.
3. Prepare the soil by loosening and adding compost or manure to improve drainage before planting.
4. Start by planting your seeds in pots or trays.
5. When the seedlings reach about 10 cm tall, transplant them into the garden.
6. Provide a trellis or support structure for the plants to climb on.
7. Feed your bitter gourd plants regularly with a balanced fertilizer.
8. Water the plants deeply but avoid wetting the leaves.
9. Keep weeds away from your bitter gourd plants to prevent competition for nutrients.
10. Harvest your bitter gourds when they are still young and tender.
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Bitter Gourd Seeds
Bitter Gourd Seeds
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