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Bottle Gourd Seeds

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Growing tips for Bottle Gourd

1. Start bottle gourd seeds indoors 6 to 8 weeks before the last frost date in your area. Plant seeds 1/2 inch deep in a shallow tray filled with a mixture of equal parts potting soil, compost, and perlite.

2. Place the tray in a warm, sunny location and keep the soil moist but not soggy.

3. Transplant the seedlings into the garden when the soil is warm and all danger of frost has passed. Space the plants 2 to 3 feet apart in rows that are 3 to 4 feet apart.

4. Plant bottle gourds in a sunny location with well-drained soil. Amend the soil with compost before planting.

5. Keep the soil evenly moist throughout the growing season. Water deeply and allow the soil to dry out slightly between watering.

6. Fertilize bottle gourds with a balanced fertilizer once or twice during the growing season.

7. Mulch the soil to conserve moisture and keep weeds down.

8. Harvest the gourds when they are firm and the skin is hard. Cut the gourds from the vine with a sharp knife.
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Bottle Gourd Seeds
Bottle Gourd Seeds
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Enhance your home garden with our premium Bottle Gourd Seeds. These seeds ensure you get the most authentic and vigorous plants. Perfect for any type of vegetable garden, our seeds are easy to grow and yield high-quality gourds.

Product Description

  • Common Names: Ghia, Sorakaya, Chorakaa, Calabash, Anapakaya, Guinea bean, Tasmania bean, long melon
  • Number of Seeds: 10gm worth of seeds per packet
  • Germination Time: 10 to 14 days

Planting and Care Instructions for Bottle Gourd Seeds

Sowing Bottle Gourd Seeds

  • Season: Ideal for summer and monsoon seasons.
  • Grow Bags: Fill grow bags halfway
  • Sowing Method: Sow seeds directly in shallow holes or raised beds, with germination occurring in 7-8 days.

Growing Bottle Gourd

  • Growth: Bottle gourd seedlings grow rapidly and develop climbing behavior. Construct a sturdy trellis or use a UV-treated climber plant support net.
  • Branching: Pinch off the young plant's growth tips to encourage branching.

Harvesting Bottle Gourd

  • Season: Begins approximately 2-3 months after sowing and lasts for about 6-8 weeks.
  • Optimal Harvest: When the fruits have a soft, smooth surface that can be easily scraped.

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