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Crystal Capsule Gems (Small - 300 grams)

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Introducing Crystal Capsule Gems – miniature enchantments from the heart of Mother Earth, encapsulating the wonders of the mineral kingdom in compact and captivating forms.

Each Crystal Capsule Gem is a miniature world unto itself, containing the essence and energy of a specific gemstone within a beautifully crafted glass casing. These petite treasures showcase nature’s brilliance, bringing the power of crystals right to your fingertips.

Like miniature universes, these crystalline marvels are carefully selected to represent a variety of gemstones, each with its own unique properties and qualities. From the calming energy of amethyst to the grounding strength of obsidian, every Crystal Capsule Gems holds a distinct vibration that can inspire and uplift your spirit.

Delicately designed and meticulously crafted, these pocket-sized gems are perfect for on-the-go mindfulness or as enchanting additions to your home decor. Whether nestled among potted plants, arranged on a windowsill, or carried in your pocket, these Crystal Capsule Gems radiate their harmonizing energies, creating a serene and balanced atmosphere.

Unleash the power and beauty of crystals with Bombay Seeds’ Crystal Capsule Gems. Let their enchanting presence bring joy, peace, and a touch of magic to your life. Allow their vibrant energies to harmonize your surroundings, inviting positivity and serenity into every moment. Embrace the wonders of the crystal realm, contained within the palm of your hand.

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