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Musk Melon Seeds

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Growing tips for Musk Melon
1. Plant musk melon seeds in full sun, in a site that offers well-drained soil.
2. Space plants at least 5 feet apart and add plenty of compost to the soil before planting.
3. Water regularly, particularly during hot, dry periods, to keep the soil moist.
4. Apply a balanced fertilizer, such as 10-10-10, at the rate of 1 pound per 100 square feet of garden area.
5. Place a thick layer of mulch around the plants to help maintain soil moisture and suppress weeds.
6. Support melons as they ripen to prevent damage to the fruit.
7. Harvest melons when they are ripe and the skin color has changed from green to a yellowish hue.
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Musk Melon seeds
Melon seeds
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Product Description - Organic Muskmelon Seeds

Experience the delight of growing your own muskmelons with our Organic Muskmelon Seeds. Known for their juicy and sweet flavor, these muskmelons, also referred to as cantaloupes or sweet melons, are a staple in any summer garden. Not only are they refreshing, but they are also packed with nutrients, offering a range of health benefits from hydration to boosting immunity.

Benefits and Uses

  • Hydration: High water content makes muskmelons ideal for staying hydrated during hot weather.
  • Digestive Health: Rich in fiber, helping to ease digestive issues such as indigestion and constipation.
  • Skin Care: Applying muskmelon paste to the skin can help combat dryness and acne.
  • Heart Health: Contains potassium which acts as a vasodilator to help regulate blood pressure.
  • Anti-inflammatory: Helps to ease arthritis pain and reduce stress.
  • Vision Support: High in vitamin A to combat age-related vision problems.


  • Common Names: Cantaloupe, muskmelon
  • Temperature Requirements: 18-30 degrees Celsius
  • Water Requirements: Keep soil moist, not soggy
  • Sunlight: Requires 8-10 hours of full sun daily
  • Soil: Prefers well-drained, compost-enriched soil
  • Fertilizer: Use natural compost or organic manure
  • Germination: 7-14 days
  • Harvest Season: 78-90 days post-germination
  • pH Level: 6-7
  • Number of Seeds: 10gm worth of seeds

Sowing and Caring for Muskmelon

Sowing muskmelon seeds:

  • Plant seeds in a large grow bag, placing no more than 2 seeds per bag (for 24x24 inch grow bags).
  • Use an organically enriched potting mix and leave one inch of space from the top of the grow bag.
  • Best sown in March/April when soil temperatures are warm.


  • Ensure the soil remains moist but not soggy, maintaining moisture up to 2 inches deep.
  • Water directly over the soil to prevent diseases like powdery mildew.

Sunlight and Support:

  • Place in a location that receives at least 10 hours of direct sunlight daily.
  • Provide support with a trellis or support net to facilitate climbing and growth.
  1. Pollination:
  • Encourage pollination by planting marigold, basil, and sage nearby to attract bees and insects.

Harvesting Muskmelon

  • Timing: Harvest typically begins 78-90 days after germination.
  • Indicators: Look for a strong aroma and the development of yellow spots on the skin to determine ripeness.
  • Method: Ripe muskmelons will separate easily from the vine; otherwise, use pruning scissors for harvesting.

Common Problems and Precautions

  • Disease Management: Avoid wetting the leaves during watering to prevent powdery mildew.
  • Pest Control: Watch for aphids, cucumber beetles, and spider mites. Use neem oil for organic pest control.
  • Nutrient Management: Apply potassium-rich organic fertilizers and phosphorus-rich fertilizers to promote fruiting and flowering.

Alternate names for musk melon seeds

Botanical name: Cucumis melo
muskmelon seed in hindi: kharabooja beej (खरबूजा बीज)
muskmelon seed in tamil: kasturi vitai (கஸ்தூரி விதை)
muskmelon seed in telugu: sitaphalam vittanam (సీతాఫలం విత్తనం)
muskmelon seed in kannada: kasturi bija (ಕಸ್ತೂರಿ ಬೀಜ)
muskmelon seed in marathi: kasturi biyane (कस्तुरी बियाणे)
muskmelon seed in malayalam: kasthoori vithu (കസ്തൂരി വിത്ത്)
Other names: Mush melon, rock melon

Why Choose Bombay Seeds' Organic Muskmelon Seeds?

Our Organic Melon Seeds are carefully selected for their purity and high germination rates. By choosing our seeds, you're not only investing in superior quality but also in a sustainable and healthy way to enjoy muskmelons. Whether you call them muskmelon seeds, musk melon seeds, or kharbuja seeds, our seeds ensure successful cultivation and bountiful harvests.

Grow your own delicious and nutritious muskmelons this season with Bombay Seeds’ Organic Melon Seeds. Enjoy the fresh taste of summer in every bite!