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Planto Zyme (250 ml)

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Planto Zyme is a novel, innovative and revolutionary Biotechnology product derived from propritary strain of microorganism and specific type of ocean plants. A stable formulation of microbial metabolites and extract of specific ocean plant make planto zyme safe and novel product for improving plant growth & yield in natural way.
A liquid formulation is prepared for the use on all crops to be sprayed @ 2ml/L as and when required. Main effects of planto zyme on the crops are cell division, cell elongation, membrane formation, delayed senescence, increased chlorophyll contents & its fluorescence, mobilization of nutrients and control of apical dominance. Benefits from the use of planto zyme to crops are higher and quicker yield of superior quality due to pest-disease & drought resistance development, higher uptake of nutrients & more photosynthesis. This results in the early and higher yield of superior quality of produce.
Plantozyme is recommended for use in all kinds of crops including paddy, wheat, maize, ragi, pulses, vegetables, fruits, cotton, sugarcane, etc. It is also used to increase the stress tolerance of plants by improving their metabolic activities, which enhances nutrient uptake and improves crop quality. It is also used to improve soil structure and fertility.
Plantozyme can be used in combination with other fertilizers, biofertilizers, plant growth regulators and other plant protection products to improve the yield and quality of crops. It helps to reduce the soil and environmental pollution by reducing the need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides. It is also useful for organic farming because it is a natural product and does not contain any synthetic chemicals.
Trials conducted at Tamilnadu Agriculture University showed that 9 % increase in chlorophyll activity, 36.38 % increase in photosynthesis rate, 29.92 % increase in CO2 absorption of banana with the better enhancement in NPK absorption and higher yield.
Trials conducted at National Research Centre for Grapes, Manjari, Pune, showed 35% higher yield of grapes.
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