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SoilRich™ Organic Cocopeat Tablet (100 mm) (Pack of 5)

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SoilRich™ Organic Cocopeat is a natural, renewable fiber extracted from coconut husks. Widely used in gardening, it enhances soil structure by retaining water, providing aeration, and promoting sustainable plant growth.

It is made from coconut husks and is a natural eco-friendly growing medium. Its water retention and aeration texture makes it ideal for home gardening, horticulture, nurseries, greenhouse applications and hydroponics. 

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Additional Information
  • Add SoilRich™ Organic Cocopeat in a container which will allow it to expand once water is added.
  • Add water slowly to the compressed soil, and within 15 minutes, it will soften and be ready to use.
  • Once added in water, each disk will make upto 600 grams of loose organic cocopeat.
  • Once planted, water the plants as per requirement and keep them in a ventilated area with plenty of sunlight.
  • Used for Horticultural, Agricultural, Nursery and Greenhouse applications.
  • Best within 3 years from date of packing.
SoilRich™ Organic Cocopeat Tablet (100 mm)
SoilRich™ Organic Cocopeat Tablet (100 mm)
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