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Wegwan Portable Power Sprayer

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Wegwan 2S is a petrol operated portable power sprayer that is easy to use and carry. It covers an area effectively, does not require electricity and is easy to maintain. Comes with 30ft high pressure hose and spray guns.

 Special Features:

  • Very convenient frame for easy portability & safe operations.
  • All moving parts are lubricated by oil bath.
  • Engine produces high torque normally associated with larger power.
  • Provided with continuous auto agitation system.

Application Area:

Ideal for spraying on crops such as small orchards of mangoes/ jackfruit, vegetables , apple cotton, soya bean, sugarcane, spices, tea & coffee plantation etc.

Additional Information

Technical Specifications for Wegwan 2S:

* Engine :- Forced Air Cooled, Two Stroke,
* Single Cylinder Petrol Engine
* Ignition System :- Electronic Ignition
* Fuel/oil ratio:- 1:25 (40 ml Oil in 1 liter Petrol)
* RPM:- 7500
* Power:- 1 HP
* Gear Box Ratio:- 3.6:1
* Capacity :-34 cc
* Carburetor :- Diaphragm Type
* Starting system:- Recoil Starter
* Fuel Consumption at Full Throttle:- 90 minutes / liter
* Fuel Tank capacity:- 0.9 liter
* Warranty :12 months warranty against manufacturing defect(s).

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Wegwan 2s Portable Power Sprayer
Wegwan 2s Portable Power Sprayer
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